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6 & 7 Days of Data / Round 2: Weekend Edition

Saturday-Sunday  June 3-4, 2021 Weekends are lighter and less intense I think this round I will fill my weekends with light reading and watching videos or listen to some podcasts (especially the Real Python Podcast) and doing some cleanup. Maybe I’ll look for some interesting news, like the Photonic Computer, which I discovered this weekend. Read more about 6 & 7 Days of Data / Round 2: Weekend Edition[…]

4 Days of Data / Round 2:

Thurs July 1, 2021 Watched StatQuest videos They were very basic things about histograms and different distributions such as the normal and curve. The normal distribution, I know well by now. I understand that its prevalence is based on the Central Limit Theory which says that given enough samples all distributions tend towards a normal Read more about 4 Days of Data / Round 2:[…]

2 Days of Data / Round 2:

Tuesday June 29, 2021:Worked on setting up this blog yesterday. I will need to work on a few details such as the readability, maybe choose a different font, add some images. Applied to some jobs. Trying to find some startups and connect with real people. I am trying to find the appropriate way to handle Read more about 2 Days of Data / Round 2:[…]

My Journey Through the 66 Days of Data Challenge

My journey into the field of Data Science has taught me one essential lesson……dedication. It is the one thing I have understood about most endeavours in life, that is, if you want to succeed you have to be dedicated. I rushed into studying what I could about programming and was unable to take a clear Read more about My Journey Through the 66 Days of Data Challenge[…]

Say and Tell and Talk and Speak

What a nightmare these words can be. I have often had existential crisis about teaching after realizing the profound confusion at such a basic level of the language. I mean, we haven’t even come to the truly complicated structures and irrational phrasing that exist in English. Plus, there is an entire ocean of language waiting Read more about Say and Tell and Talk and Speak[…]