9 Days of Data / Round 2

Tuesday July 6, 2021 Ames Housing Progress Report I was not highly productive yesterday but I did squeeze out some visualizations from the dataset. As I said yesterday, I have split the dataset by feature into different domains. So I will try to get through one domain each day. The point is to get a Read more about 9 Days of Data / Round 2[…]

8 Days of Data / Round 2:

Monday June 5, 2021: Ames Housing Dataset I have decided that it would be interesting to try a real challenge. The Ames housing data set with about about 3,000 records and 80 features. It was designed to be a more realistic update to the Boston housing dataset. The great thing here is I really have no Read more about 8 Days of Data / Round 2:[…]

My Journey Through the 66 Days of Data Challenge

My journey into the field of Data Science has taught me one essential lesson……dedication. It is the one thing I have understood about most endeavours in life, that is, if you want to succeed you have to be dedicated. I rushed into studying what I could about programming and was unable to take a clear Read more about My Journey Through the 66 Days of Data Challenge[…]