41-47 Days of Data / Round 2

The week of August 7-13, 2021

Summer Break Edition

This week was a vacation week but I still have to keep my gears moving. We stared the week with mild temperatures and we ended it with the basically the first formidable heat wave of the year. I can’t complain about the heat this year at all. Of course, it would be nice if my in-laws had some air conditioning.

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This is a short reporting on what I managed to do this week.

Aug 7
– Reviewing p-values and p-hacking on StatQuest

Aug 8
– Reviewing the First Chapter of Hands on Data Analysis with Pandas

Aug 9
– reviewed Regex in chapter 7 of Al Swiegart’s Automate Python
– using Regex in different ways to group sections of the Match object
– first, create an object of the pattern with re.compile()
– then, pass string object into the search() method and assign to variable mo, which will find the first instance of the pattern, or findall() method which will find all instances of the pattern
– last, use group() or groups() method to see the result of the search. Those methods are not necessary if you used findall() which simply returns a list.
– beyond that, reviewed many of the different symbols that regex makes use of. I thought I remembered these things….hahaha.

Aug 10
– implemented an email and telephone number wrangler for any text with python and regex.
– Finished Chapter 7 of Automate Python

Aug 11
– began reviewing schema design using ER diagrams
– started a course on Advanced SQL on Udemy.
– had a very inspiring conversation with a friend in the discord community Anant

Aug 12
– applied to some jobs
– started webscraping project
– started MySQL ER diagram for a business’s inventory

Aug 13
– started a AWS course on Amazon training
– scraped all information for a job posting
– made a function to apply to all the entries of the search but stuck in debugging


I’m going to get back on schedule with blogging everyday after the weekend on Monday. I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer. I make any promises that there won’t be another week this month that I take it easy.

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