13 & 14 Days of Data / Round 2: Weekend Edition

Saturday & Sunday July 10 & 11, 2021:


Listened to Real Python Podcast Episode 52. The topics covered were MongoDB (which reminds me I need to get back into a Mongo project at some point), and anther bit about python package security. The typical advice here was that you would always check the PyPI, but with a massive upload of “fake” packages to the Index it can be difficult to keep your lines straight. Especially, if some of these are slight misspellings of packages such as “reqeusts” instead of “requests”. The community curates this but it can be very difficult to catch all the cases. Anyways, it is good to stay alert about it.

Also, an interesting project about making a synth with Python. I have picked up the piano in the past two years and I would love to play around with that.

Another small point of interest for me is space travel and Python. It seems the are using quite a lot of Python on the rovers on Mars. And you can check out the code apparently.

Return to PDF Extraction

I received a Medium Article about PDF Extractions using pdfplummer. This is a project I put on the back burner because it seems like the only way is to just pour through each PDF in order to get the data that you want the way that you want it. I had discovered tabula-py which gave me some great results with one pdf and then mediocre results on another. I think it helps cut about half the work out but far from automating the process. But regardless I need to get cracking on that project again.

My work rate so far is that I spend the mornings writing the blog and apply for jobs and then the afternoons diving into a project and some statistics. I tend to only get about one leg of a project per week. Last week I did a good amount of visualizations on the Ames Housing which was wonderful for me. I really took my time and got into details. I will try to keep that going this week in the background while I also work on the pdf extraction. But I have some tempting projects especially this Python synth one which could sink me into a hole of endless hours of laying with sounds.

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